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The Fabulous Trivia Night! @ Street Pride

A drag makeup workshop
for everyone

11/07/24, 15:30

Hey fabulous queens and kings, are you ready to dive into the glamorous world of drag makeup? Hunty, it's time to snatch those brows, sculpt those cheekbones, blend like there's no tomorrow, and unleash your inner superstar!

Get ready to sashay into the fierce embrace of Mother Friday, The Professor, honey! With years of slaying the drag game, Friday is here to guide you on your fabulous journey. Whether you're a seasoned diva or just starting to paint your face, we've got something for everyone!

Don't forget your foundations and powders to match your gorgeous skin tone, and bring those brushes to keep it clean, safe, and classy. We might even have some glitter available because, darling, we believe in giving you the full fantasy treatment! Don't worry about a thing, honey, we'll send you a list of what to bring closer to the day.

This is your drag baptism, baby, and we're here to make it fierce and fabulous! Get ready to slay the house down, hunty! 💄💅✨

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